DJing is an art that can be learnt and that anyone can practice. Have you ever dreamt of maneuvering turntables and mixers? Do you want to make the crowd move to your whim? BeatVisual DJ invites you to discover the joys of mixing and scratching with its DJ workshop.

Under the aegis of an experienced DJ and professionals, our DJ workshop will allow you to learn all the secrets of DJing with complete professional equipment. Aimed at people of all ages, businesses and occasions, the DJ workshop is an enriching experience that can be used as a team building activity, as a reward for business challenges or as an extra-curricular activity for young people.

What we offer: DJ tutor, equipment and installation

With 15 years of experience in the field of events, we help you to learn DJing through our DJ workshops. We will organize for you a mini DJing school with professional DJs and all suitable equipment. When you call upon us for a seminar, team building activity, store or shopping center event, we assure you a great blend of fun, humor and joy of learning. We also organize outdoor workshops if you have a covered space at your disposal.

Our services include installation and setting up of the workshop, furnishing necessary equipment, their transport and other logistics as well as coordination. We provide controllers, mixers, turntables, speakers, headphones and everything sound related. You can choose from a wide array of equipment: vinyl records or CD desks. All you have to do is, choose the venue and arrange for buffet-style tables and we will take care of the rest. As for our pricing, no compromise is made on the level of service and quality we provide. We thus, pride ourselves on quality, professionalism, rigor and experience.

Learn with experienced DJs!

Qualified and dedicated DJs will guide you through DJing methods and techniques you need to get started. They will attend to all your questions and mentor you with seriousness and method. You will learn different tricks and techniques, hence, creating effects, cueing and scratching will no longer be unknown to you by the end of this introductory DJing session.

After demonstrating and intuitive explanations, you can try your hands on the turntables and put to practice what you’ve learnt. Add effects to songs yourself, try loops, echo and experiment with filters … You can also discover different scratching techniques: dragging, orbit, cutting, crab … You could perform basic transition from one song to the next in rhythm. At the end of the workshop, you get a chance to evaluate yourself by competing with your fellow participants in a DJ competition.

Team building with DJ workshop

Are you looking for a team building activity? During a seminar or a meeting, it is common to look for a way to relax and get to know each other better. It is on this principle that team building and other such activities are based. Any activity that improves team spirit and brings employees together is always welcome by companies nowadays.

Among countless activities, DJ workshops are a quirky and a great way to enhance morale while strengthening camaraderie. If your work team comprises more of dynamic young adults interested in music and nightclubs, they will certainly love the idea. Who knows, many might have dreamt of being a DJ or hosting a party. Those less interested will be intrigued by turntables and other components of a sound system. Older people will probably be attracted to this activity considering they have never tried it before. And what about the women in the team? You are mistaken if you think this activity would interest just the boys. As a matter of fact, you’ll be surprised to know that during our workshops there are more girls than boys.

In any case, the DJ experience will be an event that will create lasting memories. It will bring the seniors close to retirement and young employees together around an activity full of discoveries, new knowledge and new experiences. Imagine the sight! The ones in their fifties and sixties doing the scratch and the youngest mixing! It will be an interesting picture and a sure-shot success.

DJ lessons are the latest team building experience

Who doesn’t want a motivated sales team? Why not try something unpredictable by giving them DJ lessons. You can plan an evening or a one-day event with us, where we will teach the fundamentals of DJing. The idea will surely go down well with the team. It will improve communication and performance as your team learns new and exciting ways to work with each other. By giving them the thrilling opportunity to operate mixers and turntables, their motivation will be multiplied and their work capacities too. Consequently, your company’s financial performance will do well.

Our team is committed to providing an unforgettable experience to satisfy the best of your employees. For a while, let them forget their profession and get into the shoes of a DJ cueing songs, making live mixes and creating hits.

Introduce your children to DJing techniques

The DJing world mainly attracts young people. Many, right from their teenage dream of being behind the decks to do the scratch. Are your children and their friends drawn to the world of Djing too? Do not miss the opportunity to introduce them to this and give them the chance to scratch with real turntables.

The BeatVisual DJ team having already successfully carried out workshops for young people, offers training adapted to the age and understanding of the learner. Whether in a classroom setting or outdoors, we will introduce your little ones to the joys of learning this art. Our DJs will train them in the fundamentals of DJing which could perhaps give birth to vocations! Learning about DJ equipments, using different techniques, assimilating essential concepts, and creating good music, that is what we have to offer them. Fun, joy, knowledge and know-how. DJ lessons are a great option for kids who love music and want to be able to be involved and creative. Children under six accompanied by an adult are also welcome.

Book Your DJ Lessons Today

Be it children, youngsters or party lovers, they will find what they are looking for during a DJ workshop. It’s very sociable, fun and groovy. It also promotes confidence and communication. In fact, it’s a great skill for anyone to learn, bringing music, rhythm, technology, sensory skills and performance together into one fun skill. If you are an organization, you are giving the opportunity to your team to interact with each other around a mixer. What a unique way to facilitate team building and communication!

Imagine the fun of seeing your friend or collaborator of 60 years, all geared up in a headphone, behind the decks and scratching like a rockstar! Parents, you can make your childhood dream come true of learning how to DJ and maybe become one later. So do not hesitate any longer and contact us now for your DJ lessons.