Are you spending on ad campaigns that cost thousands but doesn't bring anybody through the door? Well, let music draw the crowd.  The right music has the potential to attract customers, by enhancing the customers’ store experience, whereas on the flip-side, too loud, too blue or too aggressive can repel shoppers. Try our in-store music services. We provide background music and sound installations that resonate with your brand image. Work of an experienced DJ will make you stand out from the competition by creating a visible change in your store’s atmosphere. The effect of seeing a dj mixer on a vinyl or CD turntable can’t be overlooked. It will definitely wow your audience and keep your brand on their brain.

At Beatvisual DJ, we pride ourselves on having one of the best DJs in France. We are also equipped with the right professional sound equipment for the perfect sound experience. We seek to associate with sales directors, sales managers and traders who want to deploy this new strategy of marketing communication.

[zh:] 在Beatvisual DJ,我们还拥有合适的专业音响设备,可让您的购物中心引发震撼。我们的业务针对期待这种新的商业沟通手段见效的商业经理、销售经理和商人。

Get your stored noticed!

Whether you have a new product launch, the launch of a new collection, flash sale or a big sale around the corner, let your customers know about it by way of a lively entertainment. By offering a festive atmosphere, you will attract new customers while retaining the old ones. Count on the ability and know-how of our event experts to reinvent your brand image.

Our DJs have the artistic and technical skills required for their profession. Their large music repertoire and ability to read the crowd will add great value to your shopping complex.

Get popular by hiring a distinguished DJ

Have you ever seen pianists performing at the metro station or the airport? The videos of their performances are broadcast on YouTube, Facebook and other social networks. These videos are then viewed and shared by millions of people.

In the same way, the performance of an experienced DJ at your mall will help you gain visibility on the Web. In fact, many would take pictures and videos, posting them across social media mentioning your place. Your name is sure to create a buzz amongst internet users.

Unique Point-Of-Sale Marketing

Point-of-sale or point of purchase advertising is an effective marketing lever.
It involves promoting the product directly where the customer can directly buy it. But in addition to these traditional marketing tools (contests, coupons, flyers, advertising banners, etc.), give way to the services of a DJ. More than just sequencing a playlist, our DJs know well how to grab public attention and entincing them to buy your products, giving your business the much-needed boost.

You can rest assured of the quality of our equipment. With years of expertise in providing sound solutions we endeavor to build the right atmosphere in your shopping arcade which will certainly turn it into the favourite haunt of your customers.

Revitalise your image

Deejaying is more than just playing tracks. It is a more personalized affair and an endeavor to create the perfect bespoke event. Also, it is not just for young people. As a matter of fact, this concept is widely used in formal events organized by public establishments. Companies seek the services of a DJ to host galas, office parties and professional meetings. Also nowadays, inviting a DJ to a marriage or a private party has become a winning combination.

By opting for this package, you will win the hearts of B2B decision-makers and consumers mainly millennials and generation Z.

In these times when the world is going digital, why not take to the digital realms. What could be better than digital music and sound and light 2.0!

Achieve higher levels of return on investment

This commercial campaign is sure to give you a significant return on investment. The prospects attracted by way of this marketing approach will become your loyal customers. Media content shared by them on the net will remain there for years to come. You can use them as videos and corporate photos. The anecdotes taking place during the event will serve as interesting and authentic content for your blog.

To support you in achieving your goals, we offer high-end services. We only collaborate with qualified professionals (artists and technicians). And we offer high-tech equipment when needed.

Suitable mobile DJ equipment

Sourcing, setting up and managing AV equipment at an event is a daunting task. To relieve you of AV anxiety, we provide you professional audiovisual equipment keeping in mind your venue constraints.

We can provide you with 100% cable-free options, battery operated speakers and battery powered DJ controller in HF transmission and reception. We also provide dj decks or dj tables suitable for indoor or outdoor shops. The DJ booth can be plain or it could display the logo or posters of your company to create its visibility.

We are 100 % mobile and independant