What is a party without music? And a party with DJ and a live wedding orchestra is just about the perfect concoction of the fun you are looking for! Live music has the ability to stir up even the most stagnant chair-sitters at a reception. Beatvisual DJ has a crew of talented DJs and artists who will make live mixes in perfect harmony with your desires and your theme for the most amazing hybrid experience.

We strive to create a custom experience for every wedding. We listen to your needs and design your wedding around your chosen theme and dream.

We have several packages to offer you

  • DJ+ vocalist(s)
  • DJ+ SAX
  • DJ+ORHCESTRA (1 – 4 vocalists and 4 – 12 musicians)


  • Drummer

  • Bass player

  • Pianist

  • Guitarist

  • Trombonist

  • Trumpeter

  • Saxophonist

  • Cellist

  • Violinist

  • Percussionists


  • POP singer

  • SOUL lead singer

  • CHINESE lead singer

We ensure the smooth running of your event

We make sure that we are at the venue much before time. Well before your arrival, our team will be there at the venue setting up the sound and light installations, audio-visual system, music instruments and equipment, and the final rehearsal. To kick start the party, the DJ and artists will play the perfect soundtracks to set the mood and the guests dancing.

During the cocktail hour and meal the DJ will entertain you with the background music of your choice. Afterwards, the DJ + artiste will take over where you and your guests can set the dance floor on fire.

We will put together a perfect play list.

Our DJ can be accompanied by vocalists playing all music styles and genres, whether its Golden oldies, Classic Soul, Hip hop, House, … They will mix the latest music as well as classics keeping in mind the music preferences of all ages in the crowd. The DJ and the artists gathered on stage have only one aspiration: to make everyone have a whale of a time by giving the best of themselves.