Every wedding is special to the happy couple and they want it to be an occasion to remember. Our wedding DJs are dedicated to making sure your day is a memorable one. Music is the soul of the party and our wedding DJs, accompanied by an efficient team know perfectly well how to set the right mood. We offer an array of lighting options, including the best dancefloor and venue uplighting, premium sound systems... everything has been thought of so as to provide you and your guests with something to fondly remember the wedding by!

Not just this, we make sure to bring your song preferences to life on the dancefloor even if they are the craziest requests. We are also committed to working with your loved ones to harmonize the planning of your wedding. This means that every minute or even every second of your evening will be lively and buoyant. At Beatvisual Dj, our team of experts also take care of the technical aspect that is the editing for your event without you having to worry about it. Why not let us build you a bespoke package that allows you to create lasting memories with your loved ones! We can guarantee that our DJs will give you a wedding to remember!

The choice of a varied music for your wedding

Music is definitely one aspect of your day that you don’t want to mess up—and we’re here to help. For a wedding, the wedding disc jockey is the “centerpiece” of your event. He’s not only the one who plays good music, but he’s also the person who gets your crowd moving! Without stealing the spotlight, he will be the life of your wedding party and will make sure there’s never a lull.

Real experts in the field stand out from the crowd by the quality of their service. Djing is not just about maneuvering a turntable or a mixer, a good dj is someone who has expertise, experience and non-stop passion for his craft. With Beatvisual DJ, you are sure to hire a profile combining expertise and professionalism, someone who has the ability to blend all sorts of genres to accommodate everyone and keep the crowd pumped.

We keep up with music trends and modern sound while still breaking out the classics when the moments arrive. Our Djs will switch between different styles of music seamlessly so as to get everyone up on their feet. We will create a personalised playlist for your reception as per your style and taste.

A worthy team for your wedding

Planning a wedding can be pretty overwhelming. You may want to plan the wedding of your dreams on your own but remember it’s your wedding! And you must relax and enjoy! We don’t want you to get too worked up planning especially when it comes to music. Let us have the honour of planning that for your big day. When you book one of our wedding DJ packages, you are guaranteed to be provided with an experienced and flexible DJ who will make your big day one to remember!. So, before the D-day, a meeting can be scheduled to discuss the planning of the wedding. It is during this interaction that we will look into technical details (timings, places …….) for the sound system, lighting effects and many others but more than that to understand the vision, theme (if any) and dream of the bride and groom.

To ensure your wedding reception hits the right notes—literally! Give us your playlist ( just the titles will also do, this gives us an idea of how to conceive the music for your Big day!) Not only will this help us create a personalised playlist for your reception, it will also help us plan the music for your “first dance” as man and wife and the background music for your reception. In order to perform these tasks efficiently BeatVisual gives unrivalled attention to these details:

Sound set up

Premium sound system for your dance floor with suitable sound levels, tower speakers that can be enhanced by subwoofers for better bass output.

Wired or wireless microphones for weddings toasts, speeches, games, announcements etc. to easily pass around to collect stories and well wishes from all your beloved guests. Sound equipment for the reception or cocktail, indoor or outdoor, standing speakers for diffusing background music (around 90% of the times the wedding event begins outside or in another room). We can also have a mic to invite guests for photographs with the bride and groom or for a reason just as simple, to gather everyone in the room.

Setting up speakers, microphones for the best man, the groom, the father-of-the-bride or other guests, music player to add to the ambience of your ceremony. We can also provide a podium with a gooseneck microphone if needed.


Lights to accentuate your wedding venue – LED uplighting to create drama and warmth, washes, pin spots, projections, gobos, string lighting, dance floor lighting, both simple and advanced or even moving lights of various colors and patterns… Creation of special distinct atmosphere during special moments like the first dance or the cake arrival.

Enhance your dance floor

To create a club like atmosphere and to give a special kick to your dance floor, we can add flashy multicoloured lasers or use laser projectors to display the name of the bride and groom or even a fog machine for that dramatic effect.

You can make your dancefloor look like a disco or a star-lit ground, by turning a plain floor into a wash of colours or a floor that sparkles like thousands of stars. You can also have disco balls, sparklers, glow sticks… to give your dancefloor a groovy look.

Special Effects to enhance key moments

Fog and smoke effect: for enhancing and creating etherealness and magic during moments like the first dance and musical performances.

Smoke jet: guaranteed “wow” effect for notable moments

Jet of cold sparks: harmless and unique, apt for moments like the cake arrival or the entry of the bride and groom.

For the bright decor of your wedding reception room:

Ambient light: Creation of a warm, intimate atmosphere (choice of colors).

Ambient light changing colors: Your room will change color slowly (choice of color program).

Projection of the name of the bride and groom: Own the dancefloor by adding your name and date of the wedding on a large wall, floor or ceiling. (Static or slow motion) Imagine guests entering your ballroom to see your initials displayed in bright light on the dancefloor or wall. Definitely, a “Wow” moment!

Buffet lighting: Lighting above the buffet, lighting the buffet.

Exterior or architectural lighting: Lighting of the hall entrance or the facade of the hall (in static or changing colors).

Installation of projectors and screens

Installation of a video projector with a screen for projection of photos, videos from you or your friends. We offer the possibility of putting an LED wall on your stage with banners.

Led screens positioned in an easily-visible spot in your reception room so that the guests at the back can see the video or the camera broadcast.

If all of this seems abstract, come visit our showroom to see the equipment where our team will be happy to discuss your needs about the event.

Whichever wedding DJ package you choose, the Beatvisual DJ team will set it up before you arrive at your wedding venue. The room will be soundproofed and ready before the arrival of your guests. The installation of the light decorations is also part of the DJ team’s responsibilities. These will be chosen according to your choice. For example, you have the freedom to choose from various decorative styles such as a star-lit sky projection, projection of names of the bride and groom or just mood lights. You can also make your venue entrance and food table decorations stand out by having them decorated. We give great importance to aesthetics and safety hence all cables on the ground will properly clipped and a unit or table to hide all the technical installation.


Often, for a successful wedding reception, it takes more than good music. How about adorning your wedding with the presence of an exceptional guest? What do you think about swaying your partner by hiring an live orchestra to your wedding? Beatvisual can make this happen. With a large network of professional musicians, we will get you suitable singers to accompany your wedding DJ.

Beatvisual Dj, for those looking for quality DJ services

Beatvisual Dj does not only offer its services to direct customers. We provide our services to wedding planners too. We understand well the process that goes in planning a wedding and thus know exactly how to match up in quality to their expectations and needs.


You can directly contact us at BeatvisualDJ to set up a consultation where you can share your ideas and vision for the event with us. Together we will come up with the perfect options to create a wedding day plan.


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